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Racism and Cultural Experience

8 Jul 2020 10:27 PM | Deborah Hodges (Administrator)

Reducing microaggressions and promoting interracial connection: The racial harmony workshop

by Monnica T. Williams, Jonathan W. Kanterc, Adriana PeƱad, Terence H.W. Chingb, Linda Oshinb.

Dr. Monnica Williams has published over 100 academic papers, which includes peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, editorials, commentaries, and scientific reports. This page contains most of Dr. Williams' publications which have appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals and edited volumes. It also includes some recent technical reports and commentaries. Where available, these can be downloaded as PDFs.

These works have an emphasis on psychopathology and cultural experiences. Among the journal articles and chapters are included papers focused on multiple ethnic groups (36), Black Americans (33), primarily White samples (19), Black/White differences (11), Hispanic Americans (5), and Asian groups (3). Seventy-one papers are empirical, with over three-quarters of these using data collected by Dr. Williams and her lab. Primary topics include OCD and related disorders (60), trauma (22), anxiety (19), substance use (10), and depression (7). She also has written 4 books, the most recent of which is focused on microaggressions in clinical care

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