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Over the years, the IOMC has evolved to an interdisciplinary group of professionals dedicated to improving public and community health. We have expanded to reflect the many disciplines and professions involved in health care delivery—nurses, dentists, physicians, pharmacists, lawyers, hospital leaders, health insurance and for-profit health industry leaders—all who play a role in the transforming healthcare field. 

By joining the IOMC, you are a member of a richly diverse group of professionals with varying experiences, education and achievements, yet all with a desire to work toward the kind of positive change in healthcare, community health and public health. 

Nomination Process: IOMC is an honorific membership organization. Upon receipt of the applicants information, the IOMC Membership Committee will review the candidate based on the individual's work at a local or national level that impacts one or more of the following:

  • Professional development

  • Leadership

  • Scholarship

  • Clinical activities

  • Participation in IOMC activities

  • Community involvement (actions demonstrating an active and interest in the health of the community)

Nominators should highlight the significant contributions made to as many areas listed above and how the member/fellow would contribute to the mission and vision of IOMC.

Fellow: serves on committee/s, work groups or other activities approved by the Board. Fellows are graduates from healthcare programs or distinguished persons engaged in allied professions. Fellows have professional contributions that are meritorious, are recognized leaders, have demonstrated an active interest in the health of the community, manifest the highest ethics, standards, and principles of professionalism, and possess those professional and personal attributes which make the individual desirable for Fellowship in the Institute.

Benefits of Joining IOMC as a Fellow:

    • Peers recognize your scholarship, professionalism, and leadership
    • Automatic subscription to IOMC Quarterly newsletter
    • Discounts for IOMC Leadership Breakfasts
    • Early registration to events
    • Opportunities to contribute to the future of IOMC and strategic planning
    • Opportunities to disseminate your work and ideas in a variety of ways
    • Opportunity to mentor future healthcare leaders.

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Billings Society Fellow: serve as a leader within IOMC and receive recognition at IOMC programs and publications. Billings Society Fellows are active leaders and ambassadors of IOMC.

Benefits to Billings Society Fellow:

  • Fellow Benefits
  • Recognition in printed materials, as appropriate
  • Leadership opportunities with committees, work groups, or special projects
  • Invited ambassador for keynote speaking requests

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