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State of the Health of Chicago: October 14, 2017

In 2017, the dominant force in health care is the state of the legislation being developed in Washington regarding the future of the Affordable Care Act (which is complicated by several related issues in the Illinois government).  These forces are expected to affect the fundamental operations of many Chicago area health organization in a major way.

As many of the ramifications may represent a radical departure from the status quo, and may take several months to fully play out, these organizations must plan and operate under circumstances of high uncertainty.  Thus, this year, in addition to highlighting the legislation and its implications for the organizations, we seek to help equip them to operate successfully under such conditions of uncertainty.

New Psychoanalytic Journal

18 Nov 2018 9:03 PM | Anonymous

All -- There has been much talk about the need for research to support talk therapy, and also about the need to highlight the research that is already there to support psychoanalysis and other forms of open-ended, relationship-based treatment.  Well, here's the chance to do something about it!  Subscribe to JASPER and do something good for the field, right from the comfort of your armchair!  Here's a blurb about them, posted on behalf of Burt Seitler….

The Journal for the Advancement of Scientific Psychoanalytic Empirical Research is one-year old. We had a successful birth and we are entering our second year of life. We are grateful for the support of our loyal readership on whom we so heavily depend for our existence—since we do not accept advertisements from Big Pharma, insurance companies, or other sources of undue influence. We are committed to publishing quality research investigations without fear of succumbing to outside pressures to produce results that favor the point of view of any external sponsor. 

We hope you will continue to support JASPER’s efforts to publish scholarly studies through your renewed subscriptions and/or your own methodical psychoanalytic research investigations.  Subscriptions are $110/year, but for students, the fee is $75.  Sign up at http://www.jasper1.org/subscribe.html, or checks may be mailed to:


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