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Food Insecurity Tied to Shorter Life, Early Death

9 Feb 2024 8:28 AM | Deborah Hodges (Administrator)

People who experience food insecurity are at greater risk of dying prematurely and living a shorter life after age 50, researchers say, underscoring how a fairly prevalent problem can impact individual health.[US News]


Millions More Americans Were Food Insecure in 2022 Than 2021

The federal government says food insecurity refers to “limited or uncertain access to adequate food” – an economic and social condition that can lead to hunger. In an analysis published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found 78.4% of more than 57,400 U.S. adults included in the study were fully food secure, compared with 8.5% who had marginal food security, 7.4% who had low levels of food security and 5.6% who experienced very low food security.

Researchers also found estimated life expectancy at age 50 was 32.5 years among individuals with full food security, compared with 29.9 years among adults with marginal food security, 30 years among those with low food security and 28 years among individuals with very low food security.



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