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Why Aren't People Getting the Bivalent COVID Booster?

26 Jan 2023 6:01 PM | Deborah Hodges (Administrator)

Previously vaccinated adults in the U.S. who have not received the bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine were often unaware they were eligible, didn't know it was available, or thought they already had immunity, according to survey data from the CDC. [MedPage Today]

Of more than 1,100 respondents who had received at least two prior doses and responded to an initial survey in early November 2022, 62.1% had not received the bivalent booster. When asked why they did not get it, 23.2% said they were unaware they were eligible, 19.3% said they didn't know where or that it was available, and 18.9% said they thought they already had immunity against infection, reported Alyssa H. Sinclair, MA, of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and colleagues.

Survey shows lack of awareness on eligibility, availability, and some just think they are immune

After being provided with eligibility and availability information, 67.8% of respondents who had not received the bivalent booster said they would, Sinclair and team noted in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reportopens in a new tab or window.

"To help increase bivalent booster coverage, healthcare professionals and public health practitioners should use evidence-based strategies to convey information about booster vaccination recommendations and waning immunity, in addition to increasing convenient access to vaccination," they wrote.

When the researchers followed up with these individuals 1 month later, 28.6% reported that they had received the booster. Of the remaining individuals who had not yet gotten it but had said they would, 82.6% still intended to do so. Those who had not received the booster most commonly reported being too busy, forgetting, or worrying about side effects.



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