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Institute of Medicine Chicago Award Opportunites

  • 1 Apr 2019
  • 30 Apr 2019
  • iomcstaff@iomc.org



Nomination Forms

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Together, let's celebrate the individuals/organizations in our community.  Please consider nominating your colleague, peer, or mentor for the following 2019 IOMC Awards:

IOMC and Rush University Chicago Award 

The Henry P. Russe, MD Award For Exemplary Compassion In Healthcare

Qualified nominees are professionals or organizations who have had a positive and sustained impact on the health of Metropolitan Chicagoans. The IOMC in particular seeks to recognize those efforts characterized by the provision of services focused on bettering the social and physical environment in Chicago communities and/or enhancing the wellbeing of individuals or communities.  Please click HERE for more information and details to submit nominees.

IOMC Award Categories for 2019

The IOMC Award for Public Service

Presented to a Chicago Metropolitan area healthcare professional who has a longstanding history of highly valuable public service on a voluntary basis.  Such service should have enhanced the health of residents of the Chicago metropolitan area.  The healthcare professional need not be a Fellow of the IOMC.

The IOMC Humanitarian Global Health Award

Presented to a Chicago metropolitan area individual or organization that has provided voluntary, longstanding, and international humanitarian health service(s).  The recipient need not be a Fellow of or affiliated with the IOMC.

The Portes/IOMC Award for Excellence in Prevention of Disease

Awarded periodically to an individual in the Illinois/Chicago region who has shown excellence in health promotion and disease prevention by contributions in the area of prevention of disease, and the remediation of disability and human suffering.  The individual need not be a Fellow of the IOMC.

Innovation in Health Care/Delivery Award

Recognizes an individual or organization that has implemented an approach, strategy or improvement in health care or health care delivery that enhances patient care, equity and/or improves outcomes.  The recipient need not be a Fellow or affiliated with the IOMC

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a rare recognition provided by the Institute to an individual whose contributions, meaning and significance to the Institute are influential and substantive.  The award acknowledges an individual and a career as a healthcare leader and with an abiding commitment to the welfare and health of the citizens of Chicago.

For more information and details to submit nominees, please click HERE.

Nominations are due by April 30, 2019. Winners will be honored at the IOMC 2019 Annual Meeting. The date will be announced shortly--A Thursday in June or July!!!

Email completed materials to cirmiter@iomc.org 

Mail completed materials to IOMC | 180 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200 |Chicago, Illinois 60601

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