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Raul Garza


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President & CEO
Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness
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Currently serving as Vice President of IOMC, Raul Garza, MBA, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness and leading a $75 million system of integrated health care, community wellness, and child welfare services with more than 35 locations, including 23 community health centers.
In 2020, Mr. Garza was elected Vice President of the Board of Directors of Institute of Medicine of Chicago. At his core, Mr. Garza is a passionate advocate for underserved and vulnerable individuals and communities. In a rapidly changing health care environment, and an ongoing period of tumult for Illinois’ human service providers, he continues to be an outspoken proponent of racial equity, value-based care, and cross-sector collaboration.
Mr. Garza holds a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Chicago, a Master’s of Science in Management Communication from Northwestern University, a Master’s of Science in Public Administration and Social Science Professions, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Government from the University of Maryland College Park. Also, he holds certificates in Improving Health Care and Health Care Management and others from Harvard Business School.
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