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100th Anniversary of IOMC

On April 22, 2015, the Institute of Medicine of Chicago (IOMC) will celebrate its 100th Anniversary.

As was noted by its Founders, the Institute “brought together workers in different fields into close cooperation in its scientific activities. (This was necessary because)…not one of our existing societies aims to do this sort of thing. “

From its inception, the IOMC has tackled our most critical medical and social issues. These have included: influenza 1919; ability to pay 1930; control of tuberculosis 1944; penicillin 1945; medical care for the indigent 1977; tobacco related diseases 1989; and health disparities in 2004.

These are just a few examples, and today the IOMC continues to carry on its proud heritage. We bring together health professionals, civic leaders and interested citizens to discuss and identify solutions to Chicago’s most vexing health and social issues.

The IOMC timeline helps capture many of the Institute’s major activities and scientific publications over the past 100 years. Where possible entire papers have been scanned and posted for your review. Many of these items are from the official Proceedings of the IOMC which were published from 1915 through 1972. Other items are taken from the photographic archive maintained by IOMC.

Posting are being made every month by decade. We hope you enjoy reviewing these historical documents and hope you will share your observations and thoughts with us.