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Strategic Initiatives

In 2018, IOMC has set an audacious goal to improve health equity in the Metropolitan Chicago area by focusing on wellbeing!  IOMC has an ambitious goal to be a Change Agent and lead an effort to ensure all of the great work is sustainable, efficient and effective.

We are eager to partner with our neighbors to accomplish this objective.   

Wellbeing in the Nation

100 Million Healthier Lives Coalition

Following tradition, IOMC has targeted seven key topics to focus to promote health equity for Chicago area  and the State of Illinois.  

In the Fall of 2017, David Satcher, MD, the 16th Surgeon General of the United States and John Jay Shannon, MD, were keynote speakers for the IOMC State of Health of Chicago Conference. 

They set the tone for over 100 key local and national leaders to identify critical initiatives to improve health status in metropolitan Chicago and Cook  County and to outline key action steps for IOMC and partners going forward.

State of Health of Chicago 

Key Topics 


Ensure Everyone Has the Opportunity to Improve Their Wellbeing 

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